About VTP
Letter from the Owners
Welcome to the Vora Technology Park (VTP), where Information Technology and strategic partnerships take place. 
We value our clients and partners and stand by our principles of integrity and ethical business conduct. We are dedicated to offering a safe, secure, fun, friendly and productive work environment to help companies succeed.
VTP is an ideal destination for corporate offices, call centers, back-office and customer support operations as well as R&D facilities.  We are proud to offer a Class-A office environment, with the state-of-the-art building and technology infrastructure, at very attractive prices. The 55-acre campus offers amazing facilities including an advanced data center, next generation network infrastructure, conference and training facilities, cafeteria and much more to meet the demands of today's cutting-edge work environments.  VTP is designed to help companies in job attraction and retention – after all that is our primary goal.
We extend to you a hearty invitation to bring potential leads to our beautiful campus located in Hamilton, Ohio, known as the City of Sculpture. Call us to learn how your company can take advantage of the unique economic benefits offered to tenants of Vora Technology Park.

We are committed to providing the best quality environment and services to our tenants, while focusing on job creation in the City of Hamilton. Join us in this endeavor, earn great incentives doing it and become a contributing business partner of this historic community.


Mahendra B. Vora
CEO and Founder
​Vora Technology Park
Mahendra B. Vora
Timmothy Matthews

Our Vision, Mission and Culture

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Culture

To advance the presence of technology in Southwest Ohio, bring jobs into our area and retain the tech mind-share and talented resources in our region. 
To provide Class-A office space for established IT companies, a secure data center for backup and disaster recovery and to utilize the VTP conference center as a popular venue for corporate seminars and conferences. 
We believe in a vision for tomorrow; being an intregal part of the total global structure of Vora Ventures; the importance of committed partnerships; and being an asset to our stakeholders and the community.

The Vora Technology Park is owned by Vora Ventures. More information is available at www.VoraVentures.com.

Our Management Team
  1. Mahendra Vora
    Mahendra Vora
    CEO and Founder
  2. Timothy Matthews
    Timothy Matthews
    Managing Partner
  3. Tom Koffel
    Tom Koffel
    VP of Facilities
  4. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones
    VP of Finance
Schedule a Tour
If you would like more information about current leasing opportunities or would like to schedule a private tour of the Vora Technology Park please contact Tim Bigler, Vora Ventures Director of Real Estate at 513.867.7277  or tbigler@voraventures.com